Custom Woven Labels

We transform your design into woven cloth. Your logo is digitally double woven in an air jet loom using small denier polythreads. The result is a supple, upscale, and highly sturdy woven label that will maintain form and color over many washings and heavy use.

Please note that when you order woven tags, we automatically upgrade your order to the highest quality high definition damask grade with up to 8 colors, for no additional charge.

A damask apparel label is thicker and has more density. Damask woven label provides more definition to the edges of your art design leading to a smoother, high definition design.

We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure that the ordering process is easy and you are a 100% satisfied customer.


Our customers can rely on a quality of the textile and fabric goods we offer. There are many types of custom woven labels and tags on the market and the key to successful textile business is to be creative.

Our quick turn-around and lowest price will guarantee your woven labels will be delivered on time and per your requested standards. Chose the cut that will fit your product the best, our labels can be used in variety of products from baby onesies, t-shirts, jackets, pants and many other clothing.