Printed/Hot Embossing leather labels

Hot Embossing and Printed Leather Labels in Faux suede or Jackron. High definition leather textile tags.

Rich details.


Jacron labels are very soft and transform your logo into rich embossed end-product of a very high durability and quality.

Real leather – made by tanning of an animal rawhide, often cow hide. Labels are durable and flexible with smooth luxurious finish.

Faux suede – material not made from animals hide, but rather a manufactured microfiber fabric. It is stain-resistant and more durable than real suede. It can be barely distinguished from a real leather suede and it does not require any special laundry treatment. It is an excellent choice for ecological and sustainable garment labels.

Hot embossing labels

Embossing technology

In the broadest sense, it means to change a surface from flat to shaped, so that there are regions that are raised up from a background.

Since the opposing surfaces of a thin material are very close to each other, each raised area on one surface is matched by a recessed area on the opposite side, and vice versa.

With leather, this technology is applied as „pattern pressing“ or „blind embossing“.

Area of one surface is recessed while the opposite side remains flat, causing the material to become thinner in those areas. End result is changing the surface of the material from flat to shape, raising up from the background.