Carton Hang tags

Introducing a first ever in the textile industry – canvas style hang tags with upscale quality and feel. Our company can produce 64,000 colors with unlimited shadows and gradients. Our hang tags introduce a new twist for garment branding – the keepsake hang tag.

Because these hang tags resemble miniature oil paintings, your customers can keep them as miniature souvenirs. Our one-of-a-kind canvas hang tags will serve as a constant branding reminder, possibly inducing loyal customers to keep beautiful hang tag collections.



Carton hang tags are perfect for toys, clothing, packaging, hand bags and many other products to promote your brand and style. Carton hang tags excel in their quality, craftsmanship and unique design. Your customers will want to keep the tags and start collecting them.

What do you include on the hang tag?

Information about designer or manufacturer, type of material used, care instructions, model number, price, serial number, company logo.

How is the hang tag used?

Carton hang tags are attached to a garment, hand bag, furniture, toys or other pieces of merchandise to identify the product and establish your brand among your competitors.